Fimo Earrings - Butterflies and flowers

Tools and materials:
  • fimo  canes
  • stainless steel wire (Ø 0,5 mm)
  • earring hooks
  • cutter
  • pliers
  • toothpick

Use pliers to cut two, 10 cm (3,9 inch) long pieces of wire. Cutted end of the wire will be sharp and it will help you easily string fimo canes on it. There are various fimo cane designs and it is up to you which one you will choose. Start to string first fimo cane - use whole cane, it will be cutted together with other canes at the end.

String second fimo cane on wire - we combined butterflies and flowers fimo canes.

Continue to string fimo canes on the wire...

Keep fimo canes in the middle of the wire.

If you have about 6 canes strung on wire (you can use more if you want longer earrings), put them together and make ending, so it will keep on wire while you wear earrings. See picture below.

Make a little loop at one end of the wire and stick it to the last cane. Use pliers to bend the wire.

Wrap the other end twice around the toothpick. Cut the protruding wire off with pliers.

Cut fimo canes that stick out away. Leave aproximately 0,5 cm (0,2 inch) wide canes on the wire.

Earring is almost done. Last step is to hang it on the earring hook...

This is how the final product looks like. Make second earring and earrings are ready to use.

Aren't they lovely? This earrings are cheap and anyone can make them.

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