Fimo decorated spoons

Tools and materials:
  • FIMO polymer clay - various colors
  • spoons
  • cutter or knife
  • extruder


Cut off a piece of polymer clay and knead it for a while. We like Fimo Soft polymer clay, which is easy to knead and is soft in a while. When the polymer clay is soft, insert it into the extruder.

In extruder use adapter with 1-2 mm hole diameter. Push polymer clay out of the extruder and make aprox. 1 meter long 'snake' as on picture above.

Wrap extruded polymer clay around handle of the spoon. We wrapped it from the middle part of the handle until the top of it. When it is wrapped, extrude different colour polymer clay and make names or another decoration.

When you finish decorating spoons put them on tile and inside the electric oven for 30 mins and 110°C. It is better to not using polish for polymer clay.

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