Florigami Lotus Flower

Tools and materials:
  • Colored paper squares 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in)
  • paper clips
  • glue


You will need 8 papers, 2 colours of each paper. You can use any size papers, but it have to be square. Bigger paper means bigger flower.

Fold the paper to get triangle shape. Use your nail or back of the spoon to crease it well.

Bend one corner of paper against the top of triangle as on the picture.

Bend second corner as the first one.

Bend both parts again in the middle as on the picture. (It is better seen on the video at the end of this tutorial). 

Fold both little triangles that extend over the edges.

This is how the other side whith folded triangles should looks like.

Now fold both outer parts inside as on the picture above.

Apply glue on both flaps.

Right now it is time to use office paper clips. Put both glued sides together and attach pin to keep them together until the glue is dry.

    After all eight parts of flower are made, you can start to glue them together.

Glue each part to another one to get flower as on picture. After the glue is dry, take all clips out. Now the lotus flower is ready to use for decoration or other purpose. You can also make more flowers and stick them together to get bigger flower or ball.

    You will make the flower with this video:

    This is our final product. Use different colours according to your style.

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