Glow in the dark earrings

Tools and materials:

- black and translucent glow in the dark polymer clay
- round cookie cutter
- mini cutter (star shape)
- earring hooks
- roller
Knead the polymer clay in your hands for a while until it is soft and malleable. We use Cernit, which is quite hard to soften. Roll polymer clay into a thin sheet and cut out two circles for earring base.

Similary prepare the translucent glow in the dark polymer clay and cut two stars with mini cutter. We use Mini Metal Cutters from PREMO! company.

Place the stars on black circular base. Use polymer clay waste for little dots around the stars and on the other side of earrings. Put into an electric owen for half an hour and 110°C (230°F). Baked earrings are rubber consistency. At the end, make hole on the outskirt of the earring and attach the earring hooks to the holes and close it up.

fimo earrings
Our earrings are ready to use. Little dots and the star really glow in the dark.

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