Polymer clay easter eggs

Tools and materials:

- polymer clay
- blown egg
- extruder
- cutter
- electric owen

Cut off 0,5 cm (0,2 inch) thick piece from polymer clay (from each colour).

Knead polymer clay in your hands for a while and when it is soft, roll it and put into the extruder. We use steel extruder, which is good for harder polymer clays (as Cernit). It is better to use softer polymer clay like Fimo Soft or Sculpey, because when you push harder polymer clay out, it can crackle.

Extrude thin string of yellow polymer clay.

Wind a extruded string of polymer round and round from the top of egg.
This is how it should look like after all of the first colour is winded on the egg.

Now you can repeat all steps as with yellow polymer clay.

Start winding pink polymer clay in the spot, where yellow clay ends. Very gently press the polymer clay against the egg, so it will better stick to it.
This is how the egg will look like with two colours of polymer clay wound on it... 
Extrude last colour and wind it on the egg. Than put egg into the electric owe for 30 min. and 110°C (230°F). After 30 mins will be polymer clay hard and you can use it as Easter decoration.

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