Handmade patchwork heart

Today we make ribbon heart which you can use as a unique handmade gift for loved ones.

Tools and materials:
  • styrofoam heart (size 8 cm)
  • ribbons 2-3 cm wide; we recommend to use 3 colours of ribbons and cut them to little longer then double of wide. For example, if you have 2,5 cm wide ribbons, cut 5,5 cm long pieces of this ribbon.
  • scissors
  • pins

Draw cross lines on both sides of heart. These lines will lead us to a regular pattern.

Pin first ribbon into the middle of heart, where the lines intersect. Bend both ends of ribbon and pin them into the styrofoam as on the picture below. 

Repeat it four times and the middle part of heart is complete. Now make the same about 1 cm farther from the middle as on picture below. Don't worry about headpins that are seen, because they will be covered in next step.

Between each ribbons pin another layer of ribbons as on picture below.

Over the brown ribbons (or any colour you used) pin last eight ribbons for this side of heart and repeat all steps above on the other side of heart.
And we keep continue to pin ribbons. Pin eightribbons to outer part of heart as on the picture. As you can see, we have used brown ribbons to have the final heart more colourful.

After you have finished both sides of heart, cover the edge with longer ribbon as on picture below and heart is totally covered with nice decoraed ribbons.

Congratulation, this is your handmade patchwork heart

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