Woven paper heart

Tools and materials:

  • aproximately 13 coloured paper strips (3,5 cm [1,378 in] wide)
  • 3 wooden skewers
  • 3 thin pieces of wire
  • glue


Prepare strips of coloured paper and start to wrap them around the wooden skewer as on the picture above. When the paper is wrapped in full length, glue the end of paper tube and pull the skewer out. Make tubes from all paper strips.

Take two rolled paper sticks, insert one to another and bend in the middle. Insert skewer into the each paper tube to make them stiff.

Take one more paper tube, bend it in the middle and insert wooden skewer to the end of it.

Now you have 4 ends of paper tubes, but only one without wooden skewer at the end. Use this one tube to start weaving. Weave this one paper tube as on pictures. When the tube is too short to continue weaving, just insert another tube inside it and continue weaving.

Keep increasing space between outer tubes and at the end you will easily create heart.

Remove skewers from outer tubes, replace them with wires, shape them into semi-circles and continue weaving. 

Finish one upper part of the heart, then next and heart is done.

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