Diaper cake

cake from diapers
For a new born baby, there are many possibilities of presents. But the best present is handmade and if it should be also useful, diaper cake is a good choice. Handmade diaper cake is easy to make and looks very nice. Every parent of a newborn baby will like it a so will little baby. You can make three-story or even higher diaper cake, depends on how many diapers you would like to use. For our cake we needed about 50 diapers and added toys and baby cosmetics.

zlozenie plienkovej torty

Tools and materials:
  • diapers
  • 2 pots (bigger and smaller)
  • cellophane
  • ribbons
  • scissors
  • toys
  • tape

vkladanie plienok do hrnca
Roll each diaper and put into the pot to fill the pot with diapers. It is easier to make the diaper cake in two persons.

Fill also the second pot with diapers.
Keep adding diapers inside the pot to have enough diapers in each story.

For the three-story diaper cake you will need two pots. You will make top story with few diapers in your hand.

Bottom of the diaper cake should be made from cardboard which you can decorate with some nice wrapping paper.

Tie diapers with ribbon around inner perimeter of the pot.

Turn bigger pot upside down on the cardboard.

vyroba plienkovej torty
 Insert additional diapers to cover the cardboard on the bottom.

In two it is much easier :)

ako vyrobit plienovu tortu
Tie a tie on the ribbon and add diapers inside if needed.

plienkova torta postup
First story is done, now you can put second story on it.

plienková torta navod
Second story is done, now you can add third story and packed diaper cake to cellophane.
diaper cake for babies
Add some nice toys and useful baby dishes or cosmetics.

diaper cake tutorial
This is how does packed diaper cake looks like

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