Easter felt bunny

handmade easter bunny
For Easter we can create nice handmade decorations. For today we prepared cute little bunny from felt. The process is very easy and even handmade beginners can do it without any problems. You will need two colours of felt fabric, needle threads and  of course scissors. Creating one bunny does not take more than 15 minutes. It is very easy, cheap and cute decoration for Easter time. I hope, ou will enjoy this handmade felt tutorial. Good luck.

filc a nozniceTools and materials:
  • felt fabric (2 colours)
  • scissors
  • threads, needle
  • cotton thread


filcove zajace
From the felt cut out similar rabbit shapes as on picture. You will need two pieces from each of two colours.

Put four bunny shapes on each other so, that outside will be blue colour and inside will be shapes of green colour. Pin felt to keep the bunnies together.

zosity zajac z filcu
Sew 4 layers of bunnies shapes together, but be careful to not stitch ears together. You should sew outer blue layer with inner green layer to create two ears as on picture. Same as ears sew bottom of the rabbit so bunny will have opened bottom to put egg inside it or bunny can easily stand alone.

ako urobit brmbolec
Bunny tail will be made of wool. Wrap blue wool few times around your fingers and tie in the center.
handmade brmbolec
Cut wool on both sides.

handmade felt rabbit
Sew tail on bunny and use thread to make eyes and snout.

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