Heart polymer clay earrings

  • polymer clay (2 colours)
  • chain
  • earring hooks
  • pliers
  • metal tip


From the polymer clay make little hearts as on picture above. Hearts should be about 1 cm (0,39 inch) long. For two earrings you will need 6 hearts - 4 purple hearts and 2 white hearts (or you can use any colours). Easy way how to model hearts is to make two little balls (as little as pea), join them together and 
make a little tip on the bottom of each heart.

Put all hearts on the table, leave aproximately 1 cm (0,39 inches) between hearts
 and proceed to the next step.

Now it is time to put hearts on chain. There are two ways how to make it. You can put all three hearts on the whole chain while you model them and in final hearts will better stick to the chain. We used another way: we first modeled hearts and then cut six little parts of chain. We separated about 2 cm (0,78 inches) long pieces of chain. Then we inserted ends of chains into hearts as on picture above. It is important to insert long enough part of chain inside hearts. Do not forget to insert also one little chain into the top heart (or leave long enough if you make it fisrt way - on one long part of chain). Top chain will be used for earring hook.

Take long enough part of chain on the metal tip and separate it with pliers.

After all hearts are on the chain, you can put them into the electric owen. Do not bake them with earring hooks, because these can contain plastic beads. Polymer clay harden in owen after 30 mins at 110°C (230°F). When they are hard and cooled, put them on earring hooks and earrings are ready to use.

Final shape of earrings should be similar as on the picture above.

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