Christmas patchwork advent wreath

patchwork wreath

materials for patchwork wreath

Tools and materials:

- styrofoam wreath (Ø 12 cm | 4,7 inch)
- red and golden ribbon (4 meters/13 feet each)
- scissors
- pins

styrofoam wreath1. Mark the styrofoam wreath on 8 spots (45° between them). This will help you to make the wreath preaty uniform in the end.

2. Cut the ribbon into 5 cm/2 inch long parts. Pin the first ribbon on one of the signs as you see on the picture.

3. Fold each ribbon twice and from 4 ribbons you should make cross like on the picture on right. You should make it on the four side of wreath.

4. Over red ribbons pin golden ribbons (together 4x8 ribbons). Be carefull to pin each ribbon it in the middle egde.

5. Fold golden ribbons similarly as you did red ribbons. At the end you should have nice red stars from the ribbons (as on the picture).

6. After the completion of gold ribbons it should look like on the picture. We are slowly advancing towards the goal .

7. Over the golden ribbons pin another red ribbons to fill whole surface of the wreath. For the flame effect you can use some orange ribbons, but it is not necessary. Now you have to hide connections between ribbons, which does not look good. Use another red ribbon (or gold or which you like) to hide them. 

8. But what we gonna make with the other side of wreath? Simply use long red ribbon, which you will be folding in 2 cm/0,7 inch gaps and pin to the wreath.

This is how should completed wreath look like

styrofoam ribbon wreath

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