Dry flowers wreath

Dry flowers wreath

Autumn is here and nature is nice coloured. These days it is so many possibilities how to decorate our houses. I used dry flowers from my garden to make this nice wreath. If you have dry flowers, styrofoam wreath and glue gun, you can make the same wreath. Enjoy this tutorial. 

Tools and materials:
tools for making dry flowers wreath
  • styrofoam wreath
  • dry flowers
  • glue gun
  • scissors

colourful dry flowers
Cut the dry flowers off the stem and put them on the heap, so you can easily choose suitable flower.

dry flower wreath beginning
Put a little of glue on the back of flower and place on styrofoam wreath. Hold the flower for a little while until it sticks to the styrofoam. It's only up to you how will you decorate the wreath with flowers.

First flowers on wreath
This is how we began with decorating.

First flowers on wreath
Next flowers coming...

First row of flowers
After you have the first row of flowers glued, continue with the inner row.

flowers on inner diameter of wreath
It is better to use little flowers for the inner part of wreath and also to fill spaces between bigger flowers. We have used wreath with outer diameter 15 cm and inner diameter 8 cm.

finishing dry flowers wreath
Continue gluing flowers on wreath until you will be satisfied with its look.

wreath side view
Side view of wreath

final dry flowers wreath
Final wreath looks like this one on picture above. If you want, you can use lacquer to make wreath more shiny and durable.

polyfoam wreath decorated with dry flowers

dry flower wreath
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